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Smart City ubaneswar

First of all Smart city is a project which is designed to improve the life of citizen in a more effective manner so, that they can get qualitative and meaningful life.

This lead to the development to the urban area of a country. This mission can play a major role for the development of citizen’s welfare.

Smart city Mission was launched by PM Narendra Modi on 25 June, 2015 and announced to set up 100 Smart Cities across the country, which is lead to redevelopment and retrofitting to existing area. Which lead to improve ease of living of citizens and create cities that are ahead of the decision making and problem solving. For smart city mission cities were selected through a competitive process.

Smart City technology is made to make cities more effective manner, which is necessary given the projected rapid growth in urban area due to this we can find that more and more people are migrate from rural to urban area to get a better livelihood. So, the overall aim of a smart city is to improve quality of life for its citizen so that they can get opportunities in each and every aspect. This project is all about giving a qualitative life to the citizen of the country.

This technology contain electronic data collection which share information with the public and manage traffic, transportation system, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information system, schools, hospitals and other community services.

The Smart city project allow citizens to make online payment, view updated bus, train schedules and track vehicles in real time etc. And also it’s allowed to compete in regional and global level, all this aspects can help people to get opportunities to reach their goal and also proved citizens with improved services.

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